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Unlock the Potential of Your Supply Chain

OEM Logistics, LLC, is focused on optimizing supply chain operations for Commerical & Defense Aerospace Prime Manufacturers through innovative supplier management services, leading to systematic improvements in on-time delivery performance within their supply chain. 

Our Services

Business Model Overview

Our customized supplier oversight framework utilizes "boots on the ground" to efficiently manage suppliers and their sub-tiers, adapting to their real-time performance intricacies.

Supplier Management

Our supplier management services help you to manage your supply chain more effectively, ensuring that you receive your parts on-time. We provide an innovative and structured methodology that focuses on increasing visibility, discipline and accountability within our customers supply chain.

Custom Solutions

OEM offers a flexible business model that adapts to the ever- changing needs of the Aerospace supply chain. We provide custom supplier management solutions tailored to your specific needs with a transparent pricing structure that simplifies budgeting, is cost effective and delivers cost savings.

In-House Technology

We utilize an internally developed data management solution that facilitates clear communication in the oversight and management of the suppliers' complete open order report. ​This system engages both customers and suppliers to reinstate structured procedures and responsibility.

Key Benefits

Customers reported a 40-60% cost savings vs. utilizing internal resources

Ready to Optimize Your Supply Chain?

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to unlock the full potential of your supply chain.

 18700 North Hayden Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85255


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